About Paddle Diva

Shari Hymes


Diva Instructor

Shari Hymes is one of Paddle Diva’s full time instructors. Known for her enthusiasm and encouraging attitude with clients, makes Shari the perfect addition to our team. Shari has over 25+ years of experience on the waters, woods, roads and mountains of the North East. A native of Long Island, Shari has an intimate knowledge of the waterways and their surroundings. She is eager to share them with our paddlers and makes sure that our students learn as much as possible about what makes the waterways of the East End so unique.

She is an outdoor adventurer, a SUP and Kayak enthusiast with hundreds of hours logged on the water. She is known for her top placements in Adventure Racing and Ultra Adventure-Marathons world-wide. She is has a passion and unparallel skill for orienteering on both land and sea. Shari is an American Canoe Association Level 2 Instructor and is a Wilderness First Responder. She also juggles her time between Paddle Diva and her career as a Respiratory Therapist in a local private practice and in Southampton Hospital. We are extremely lucky to have Shari on our team at Paddle Diva, she brings us extensive paddling and kayaking experience and has a gift for treating all our Divas with compassion and encouragement!