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Paddle Diva supports a number of organizations, both global and local, that are committed to improving the environment, especially around areas of ocean conservation and the impact of plastic pollution.

As a resident of the beautiful East End of Long Island, Gina Bradley also devotes her time and energy to causes that have a positive impact on the quality of life for local residents.

We receive dozens of requests for donations and in-kind contributions each month, and unfortunately there is just no way to say “yes” to everyone.  So we ask that you please take a look at the programs/groups we are currently supporting before making any requests.

We focus our giving to groups and causes that (a) are focused on improving the environment and/or quality of life for residents East of Riverhead, Long Island or (b) are directly related to combating ocean pollution.





Gina Bradley is also available to speak on the topics of entrepreneurship and women’s empowerment through fitness. 

Please use this form to make all requests.