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August 18, 2010

Diva in the Spotlight: Susan Cohn Rockefeller

August 18, 2010

Susan’s love of the air, water and environment was evident the moment she stepped on a Stand Up Paddle Board this June. Immediately falling in love with the sport and how it allows one to connect with nature, Susan encouraged her children and husband to continue to develop their skills on the boards so that as a family they had a wonderful way to share a sport together. Not only has Susan brought SUP to her immediate family but every time she shows up for a tour or lesson and opens up a whole new world for them as we all “walk on the water” and explore the bays and inlets around the East End.

Susan, among her multitude of creative talents, is also a jewelry designer. Through her entrepreneurial endeavor Rocknrola, she designs jewelry meant to awaken our souls, nourish our love of good design, and inspire all of us to become better stewards of our precious earth. Susan was so inspired by (stand-up paddle boarding) in the Hamptons this summer and Paddle Diva.

Susan is also an award winning documentary filmmaker. Mission of the Mermaids is her latest work is a short film that represents both the spectacular beauty and the current plight of the world’s oceans. Her film Striking a Chord was at The Hamptons Film Festival October2010. Susan Plans on paddling in between seeing the films. Her other films include Making the Crooked Straight and she co-produced A Sea Change.

She is the Chairwomen for Oceana’s Ocean council, a board member of Alaska Conservation Foundation and is on the program committee with The Stone Barns for Sustainable Agriculture. These and her keen eye towards the environment makes Paddle Diva proud to support Susan and provide her a new way to enjoy the ocean and leave nothing behind but a gentle eddy off her paddle.

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