About Paddle Diva

About Paddle Diva

Paddle Diva is dedicated to making stand up paddling, or SUP, accessible to all women, regardless of age, size or athletic ability. We offer terrific SUP lessons for women and are located on the East End of Long Island, NY, servicing the Hamptons and Montauk, Sag Harbor, and the North Fork.

Founded by Gina Bradley in the summer of 2009, Paddle Diva was started on the premise that women are underserved in SUP market. Motivated by her own passion for stand up paddling, Gina started out teaching women in East Hampton, Long Island, and listening to what they wanted from the sport -- and more importantly, from themselves: their bodies, their careers, their hopes for their children and the world around them. Conquering a sport like stand up paddle boarding highlights what a woman can do when she puts her mind to it. Through our leadership and SUP classes, we have helped hundreds of women surpass their own expectations on the water and have encouraged them to commit to their own personal fitness programs.

Women are drawn to SUP because of the ease of learning and the feeling of “walking on the water” as they silently glide along, enjoying scenery they have never experienced before, both inward and outward. The fact that they are getting a great core workout is just another benefit of this growing sport, and when they are done with an hour long paddle, they feel in shape as well as feeling that their minds have been cleared and readjusted. 

Paddle Diva also aims to bring a higher degree of awareness to environmental issues, especially around ocean and fresh water habitats conservation.  Our SUP tours and SUP vacations strive to connect the fitness of one’s self to the fitness of the planet, to ensure our oceans, lakes, bays and rivers continue to provide us with a sustainable source of food and recreational activities.

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